Here's How It Works

Your on your way to the lake and your in a hurry. You realize you need a quart of oil, a couple of extra AK1 life vests and a quart of spray cleaner.

You order using your computer or mobile device from our online store, by text at 518-212-7092, email at or by phone at 518-842-8140.

If your a Knapik's Marine Boaters Advantage member any additional discounts will be applied.

You pay by cash, check, card or PayPal right from your vehicle to our curbside staff equipped with our exclusive at vehicle mobile pay system.

Or you can pre-pay using a check, card or PayPal on our online secure payment center or over the phone at 518-842-8140.

Your order will be quickly processed and will be waiting for you along with a curbside staff member as soon as you pull into our designated curbside pickup parking spot.

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