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Life jacket exchange program helps teach kids boating safety.

Longtime family owned boat dealership Knapik’s Marine located in Amsterdam, NY, will be the first to initiate a program to make premium life jackets affordably available for all kids in the infant, youth and child sizes to help promote boating safety in future generations.

It's important to teach kids early about water safety starting with the importance of wearing their life jacket when enjoying any water related activity such as boating, fishing, canoeing, tubing and water skiing. Wearing a life jacket is the number one way to prevent drowning when enjoying any water related activity. “One issue has been the expense of buying a comfortable life jacket that a child will wear and then having to buy another one every time they outgrow it”, says Shanon Knapik of Knapik’s Marine.

Effective now, Knapiks Marine will discount all life jackets in these size ranges by up to 20%. Then after this boating season, they will refund 50% of the purchase price of the jacket toward the discounted price of the next size life jacket for the next boating season. Under this program a quality and comfortable infant size life jacket would only cost $7.50 for a seasons use instead of costing $19.00 to $25.00 or more, and then having to purchase another life jacket again for next year.

Shanon went on to say “that by initiating this exclusive program, we are helping to promote water sport safety by making life jackets for kids extremely affordable not just the first time but as they grow and can understand the importance of wearing a life jacket as part of water sports and boating safety.”

For more information on this safety program initiative, just stop in to our store at 197 Forest Avenue in Amsterdam, NY, or you can contact Shanon Knapik at 518-842-8132 or by email at,

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