Boat Preparation For
Shrink Wrap, Storage Or Winterize

We take great pride in our ability to provide the best in customer service. In order to provide our customers with a great service experience and provide winterizing, storage and spring pickup in a timely manner, we are implementing the following requirements and policies during these specific service periods.

When bringing your boat in for winterizing, storage or shrink wrap please be sure to remove the drain plug from your boat to prevent damage from the accumulation of water from possible heavy rain.

If you are leaving your boat for storage or shrink wrap, you must remove any items from the boat that would freeze such as suntan lotion, aerosol cans, air fresheners, cleaners, waxes, any liquids, beverages, or any wet items such as carpet, life jackets, cushions, towels, clothing and ropes that may be in the boat or in any of the storage compartments.

Boats left in such a condition that prevent for safe and secure storage or shrink wrap will be cleaned and prepared at the customers expense and billed based on current shop rate.

Reducing moisture and excessively wet conditions will help prevent serious mold, mildew and freeze damage to the interior of your boat during the winter storage period. Portable toilets must be dumped out or removed from the boat. Toilet holding tanks and grey water tanks must be properly pumped out before leaving the boat with us for winterizing, shrink wrap or storage.

If you are having us do the winterizing, do not leave built in below deck fuel tanks empty and be sure that both the battery and keys are in the boat. If you remove the battery, just let us know when you bring your boat. Boats left for winterizing with no ignition keys will be subject to a $25.00 labor charge. Boats having built in fuel tanks that are left empty will be subject to a $50.00 labor charge plus the cost of fuel. We ask that you do not leave built in fuel tanks empty. Portable tanks can be left empty or removed from boat.

Due to extremely high spring pickup demands that we experience in such a short period of time, any repairs or detailing needs should be scheduled when you drop off your boat. This will help our scheduling and assure that everyone receives their boat from storage, in the spring, in a timely manner.

All indoor and outdoor storage contracts now expire on the first Saturday of the first full week in May.

Any storage boats not picked up by May 31st the latest will be charged a daily fee starting on June 1st. This fee will equal 50 cents per foot of boat length per day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail us. Your satisfaction with our service is important to us.

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